Combine Testimonials

Greetings Coach Fitzgerald,

ON behalf of my son, Tanner and the many other athletes attending the Elite Athletic Events Combine in Birmingham, Alabama (Feb 22, 2015), we thank you for providing 212 degrees of Excellence! It was very organized, timely, and provided key points of training and interest, not only for the athletes, but for the parents. Your staff members were courteous and helpful throughout the event.  Again, thank you and looking forward to seeing the film and reporting to you any of Tanner’s call backs from potential colleges or universities.

Best Wishes!

J. Jones, U.S. Air Force (Retired)

“Coach Fitz, Just wanted to say how much my son and I enjoyed your combine this weekend. Having had an older son go through the recruiting/combine circuit a few years ago with on campus camps and traditional combines, and now taking Blake to combines the last two years, I can say we have seen it all. I was so impressed with the way your combine was run. Each individual there was coached up on the techniques prior to undergoing the testing, which prevented kids from scratching due to doing the test wrong. Most combines wouldn’t think of taking the time for that. It makes the kid feel important rather than just another shirt with a number on it. Another thing that is vital is the filming you do of each athlete on each test. This is usually only reserved for on campus testing at D1 schools for a select few recruits they are looking at. You have brought that tool to all of your attendees. As a high school coach, I feel that is a huge help in the recruiting process. The player now has video to pass on to the college coach seeing them perform each test, as well as Position Specific Drills!!! And for the youngster in attendance, he can watch himself on that pro agility or the 40, and can see mistakes he makes so that he can spend time correcting them, rather than wondering why his time was not what he wanted. Every player who has attempting to play at the next level needs to attend this combine, if for no other reason than the video that is available of their perfomance. This can be a difference maker in the recruiting process. We will be attending again this year just to see video evidence of improvement in his performance!  Thanks for a great experience!!!”

Wayne Wilkes, Father & HS Football Coach

“My son attended your Nashville combine and loved it! My son also went to the Underclassmen combine that next week…not even close to what we experienced at EAE!!!”

Heidi Rodriguez, Mother of HS Football Player


“I have known Coach Fitz for many years, both personally and professionally.  His honesty and integrity is unmatched.  As a D1 Football Coach, we are not allowed to attend HS Football Combines, so having someone you can trust posting the results is very important!  Also, the video and structure of his combines is unparalleled.  It is not only extremely helpful to know accurate times, but the ability to watch video of the players during the testing and position drills is invaluable!”

Skip Holtz, Head Football Coach, Louisiana Tech University


“I was the football center for the winningest class in the history of FSU, as we played for four National Titles during my five years as a member of that football team (1996-2000).  There was no room for anything less than excellence when it came to our strength and conditioning staff and Coach Fitz was one of the key staff members who trained me and my teammates directly on a daily basis.  Coach Fitz could always strike the fine balance between positive motivator and challenging driver, continually pushing me to the limits of my best.  I was able to play a lot of football during my years, win many accolades and signing an NFL contract at the end of the run.  I can’t thank Coach Fitz enough for his commitment to that program, to that team, and to me.  If Kevin Fitzgerald does something, you know it’s being done right!”

 Jarad Moon, Former OL, Florida St. University


“Being the first one in the gym and the last one to leave I got to spend a lot of time with Fitz during my years as a Seminole football player. Extremely approachable and full of knowledge about exercise, nutrition, and increasing my performance on the field. Kevin is the kind of guy that you wanted to work extra hard for, because you not only respected him as your coach, but your friend as well. Overall, Fitz is a great coach and a first class guy.”

Matt Meinrod, Former OL, Florida St. University


“Fitzy was a big reason for my success on the football fieild and the success of Florida State Athletics. He was always in the weightroom at 5AM to open the doors for the athletes wanting to get that extra lifting time in. He was instrumental in not only the strength, conditioning, and agility of the athletes, but also the mental preparation and motivation that was necessary to excel.  Any serious athlete out there that wants to take it to the next level would be crazy not to train with Kevin Fitzgerald.  He has the knowledge, experience, leadership, and work ethic to help you achieve your goals.”

David Castillo, Former OL, Florida St. University, Team Captain of 2005 ACC Championship Team


“We want to thank you for giving Chey the opportunity to showcase her talents at your softball combine at D1 in Chattanooga, TN.We were very impressed with you and the way you ran the combine and highly recommend that any high school softball player participate in your combine to showcase their talents to college recruiters.  We put a link to your website and Chey’s video on her profile and received immediate responses from several colleges.  We will definitely participate in your combine again.”

 Dudley Willis, Father of HS Softball Player


“Thanks Kevin we really enjoyed your football combine last year. I have been to over 200 in my 30 years as a coach and it was the best I have been to or worked. Thanks again appreciate your time and efforts.”

Dale Anderson, President KY Football Coaches Association, Chairman National High School Rules Committee


“Coach, wanted to thank you again for your time on Saturday @ the Cincy event ! My son will be a better athlete and person from having your input and guidance for even such a brief period!  We have worked with “trainers” and combines, camps (various sports) etc. across the country, as many as we could reach and afford, so we have a bit of a “gauge”, if you will, to compare and you guys are TOP NOTCH all the way around in our opinions!

Our kids were very comfortable and confident with you and your staff that gave them the opportunity to compete at a higher level and show their hard work and dedication. Many of the kids from our area are written off from a cultural/logistical, competition, coaching…whatever the case may be, standpoint, but we just aren’t ready to accept that at this point!”

Curt, Father of HS Football Player


“Hello Coach Fitz, I am the mom of one of the QBs from your Nashville event and just wanted to commend you on a well-done event.  My husband played football at Southeast Missouri State and is also a positions coach, so we have attended many training and/or testing events with our son.  This was, by far, the best experience we’ve had.  Thank you for your professionalism, your enthusiasm and your expertise.”

Mischon Ramey, Mother of HS Football Player


“Coach Fitz, I just want to thank you and your staff for the excellent, professional, and educational event we attended today. It was so nice that you encouraged every player to do their best on every event. Stone and I believe this experience with your program will set us apart and give us the best opportunity to find a “good fit” in college. Thanks again.”

Stone and Michelle, Parents of HS Baseball Player

If you would like to tell others about your EAE experience, please email them to: kfitzgerald (at) EliteAthleticEvents (dot) com .