NFL Combine Training

Combine & Pro Day Performance Training Camp Overview

All football players are created differently, but they all have the same goal – the NFL. The Six1Five NFL Combine Training program focuses on each individual to strengthen their weaknesses and improve their strengths. The program is designed to increase your explosiveness, movement ability and strength in a short amount of time so you reach your peak for the NFL Combine.  We also have post combine training to further prepare you for your Pro Day.

Our strategic partnerships with position coaches, physical therapists, sports orthopedics, vision specialists, nutritionists, massage therapists and sports chiropractors will provide you with the comprehensive training and preparation needed to complement your speed, strength and combine-specific training.  We can also provide arrangements for hotels/apartments and even rental cars, if necessary.  Please use the form below or contact us here to reserve your spot or ask further questions.

Program Director

Coach Kevin Fitzgerald designed and leads our NFL Combine training and pro day training. Coach Fitz was a collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach for over 10 years at Florida State UniversityUniversity of Notre Dame, and Vanderbilt University. As the Strength & Conditioning Coach at FSU, he was responsible for working with the Seminole football team to prepare the NFL prospects for their combine and Pro Day. He also organized and executed the FSU Pro-Day each year and will help prepare all of our prospects physically and mentally for the challenges ahead.

Click here for a list of former 1st Round NFL Draft Picks coached by Kevin Fitzgerald

“One of the biggest advantages of training at Six1Five is that you are forced to get better in every phase of the combine. Coach Fitz makes sure that you reach your personal goals and pushes you even further. He had techniques for me to use on Pro Day that some of the guys that trained at the larger facilities didn’t which gave me an advantage. I recommend training here if you have tunnel vision to get better. They don’t waste your time or fill the day with unnecessary things.”  –  Brad Bars, DE New York Giants

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 Combine-Specific Training

There is a science and technique to maximizing your potential in every drill performed at the NFL Combine.  It is not good enough to just perform the drill over and over again. Inefficient repetitions lead to lower performance. You need proper coaching to make sure you are prepared for each drill.
Coach Fitz has improved countless players NFL Draft stock with combine-specific training (only 1st Round Draft picks are listed above) and you can benefit from his knowledge and his passion for your success.  He push you and not let you settle for anything but your best. Six1Five NFL Combine Training draft classes are limited to ensure all athletes receive the proper attention.  You will not be passed off to a second tier coach for your training. You get the best.

“Six1Five has been great to work with and Coach Fitz is in tune with what NFL prospects need to improve their draft stock. Their attention to detail is outstanding and results will prove that.”  –  James Krenis, NFL Agent, Accel Sports Management

 Speed Training

Coach Fitz focuses on proper form and technique for linear and lateral speed and quickness. We also incorporate a rigorous plyometric program to complement your speed training with explosive movements. Your body is a machine and needs to be finely tuned. Through drills and repetition, Coach Fitz will not only increase your speed now so you reach the next gear you never knew you had, but will train the muscles to function properly while developing your fast-twitch fibers so your speed never leaves you. Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Incorporating this speed and quickness program into your NFL combine training will enhance your draft stock and catch the attention of scouts and GMs at the combine.

 Strength & Power Training

Strength and power are a huge asset to any athlete, but especially football. You want to be quick off the ball and that’s how we train. The Six1Five strength program is built around barbell speed to create explosiveness. At the NFL Combine, Pro Day or on the field, if you are not explosive, it does not matter how strong you are.  Our program is designed to allow you reach your maximum potential which will help you with bench press reps and both vertical and broad jump.

 Position-Specific Training

Working with former players and coaches to understand the nuances of the next level are critical. Our program brings in mentors to help you prepare for combine-specific position drills, the mental approach to the combine as well as tools to use once you make an NFL roster. We use video evaluation, film study and other techniques to prepare you for a successful career as a professional.

Physical Therapy

A pre-screening of all athletes to better understand their injury history is completed prior to training.  This allows us to adapt the program to allow your body to heal from any previous injuries, whether the injury is slight or substantial. The pre-screen will also allow our physical therapy staff to advise you on how to respond to questions during your medical interview at the combine. The medical interview is a very important aspect of the overall Combine event and you want to be knowledgeable of your injury history to properly answer any questions that may arise.

Also included in our offerings is massage therapy, chiropractic services, dietician services and nutrition supplements.

 Vision Training

We have partnered with sports vision specialists to incorporate cutting edge technology into our NFL combine training.  Vision training enhances your ability to recognize your surroundings quicker and, therefore, react quicker.  Increasing your peripheral vision is very important in the game of football and will allow you to make more plays and rise to the top of the class.  As a quarterback, vision training helps you view your receivers and coverages quicker.  As a safety, being the “centerfielder” and viewing the entire field and reacting quickly is a must to be successful.

Below is an article from Forbes on how vision training has helped WR Larry Fitzgerald:

Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald Can Catch a Football with His Eyes Closed – June 17, 2014

At Six1Five, you receive the most attention to detail during your NFL combine training than any other facility.  We limit our combine training class size so you are not just another number.  Other training facilities try to get as many people as possible in their draft class and you end up with less attention than you deserve. Please fill out the form below to receive more information about our training, like pricing, accommodations, etc.

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Please contact us via phone at 615-754-5556 or email at info (at) 615sportstraining (dot) com or fill out the form below.