Lacrosse Combine Showcases

The first of its kind Lacrosse Combine Showcase in the country! Coach Kevin Fitzgerald, former Division I Strength & Conditioning Coach, has been running Lacrosse Combine Showcases since 2010. EAE is the Premier Lacrosse Combine Showcase in the country, run by Coach Kevin Fitzgerald. Our Combine Showcases are structured to show the athletic ability of the individual. Whether you have played Lacrosse your entire life or just picked it up a couple of years ago, our Combine Showcases allow you to show all college coaches across the country what kind of athlete you are. In showing your athleticism, the coaches will know what kind of athlete they are recruiting and will know how to best use you in their program. In the end, great athletes always surpass pure technical and skill players if they work hard and have a passion to succeed. 

lacrosse combine showcase college coaches recruiting testingOur Lacrosse Combine Showcases consist of 7 Testing Procedures: 40 yard Dash, Pro-Agility Drill (5-10-5 shuttle), L-Drill (3 cone), Vertical Jump, Standing Broad Jump, 4 Corner Drill and a 60 yard shuttle (5-10-15). By showcasing your ability in these drills, you prove to a college coach your athletic ability. In addition to posting the results on our website, we will also video each player during the combine showcase, edit the personal video, and upload it to our website. The video will also be sent to you via downloadable link so you can share with any coach you wish and also post on your recruiting profile. Coaches are also welcome to attend the combine showcase and see you in person, if they wish. We encourage you to reach out to any college coach where you have an interest attending and invite them to see you perform.

Attending an EAE Lacrosse Combine Showcase will give you the recruiting advantage you need. Couple the combine video with your game highlights and stand out among the crowd. If a college coach has film on two players they are recruiting, but also has a video of what kind of athlete you really are using standard testing measures, they will choose the player they know more about. There is less risk on their part if they know they are getting a great athlete.  With the limited number of college scholarships available, you need to create separation from the others vying for the same scholarship.

Take advantage of this great opportunity and experience a first class Combine Showcase where you are not treated like a number, but like a top college prospect!


*The video takes between 4-6 weeks for processing, editing, uploading and sending to each player.

Lacrosse Combine Showcase Locations

Baltimore, MD – August 12, 2017

9a Check In, 10a Start Time

FreeState Sports Arena 

Address:  5811 Allender Rd, White Marsh, MD 21162 

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